Our social enterprise was incorporated in July 2020, so our first financial year end was August 2021 and accounts from our first two years are now available from the Companies House website. We saw our revenue increase by 300% in our second year of operation and are continuing to grow, delivering greater social impact as we do.

Transitioning people from prisoners to students in prison is at the very core of this social enterprise. We know that a majority have had negative experiences in the education system before coming to prison, and that this often masks an intellectual ability, an academic aptitude and a voice which needs to be heard. A lack of opportunity to pursue HE means that people are denied access to professional roles where they have a chance of contributing to positive change of the very systems that perpetuate continued disadvantage.

Many universities and related organisations have already recognised that they have a role to play in rectifying the imbalance which is prevalent across all sectors of our society. Prison and University Partnerships are currently operating successfully in the UK and across the world to address the issue, but we see the need to go further. The possibility of HE for people in prison is now a reality and can be of two-fold benefit:

  • it offers a taste of a learning community to those who have never previously had this opportunity
  • it also enables a light to be shone on the ability and talent which is abundant throughout the secure estates.