DWRM Consultants are specialists in the provision of Higher Education to students in prison and on release. We work with universities to make their degree courses accessible in prison and to enable students to study on campus when they are released, and we support students on every step of their study pathway.

We offer a unique blend of prison and university experience, coupled with a strong commitment to the benefits of education, turning academic achievements into long-term rehabilitative success.

We make sure our voice is heard in the right circles, such as our response to the Government consultation "Education : Are prisoners being left behind ?" to which we answered a resounding YES !

We contribute to the academic debate around education in prisons, with papers such as our literature review for HMPPS "Advantages of digital technology for prison education".

We are committed to the social value of our work and are convinced that we can demonstrate a long-term impact for students, universities and other stakeholders, as outlined in our social purpose. We operate on a not-for-profit basis and will reinvest any business surplus for the benefit of our students. As our company grows, we will proactively recruit colleagues with experience of studying or teaching in prison.

We have an ambitious long-term plan to increase the number of students accessing Further and Higher Education in prison to 25% of the prison population within 10 years – an increase of 20,000 students. This will incorporate both FE and HE Apprenticeships which combine academic and vocational learning.