Have you had a discussion with your friend or family member in prison about their education and plans to start a university course ? You probably have lots of questions about how this might work and whether it is a good idea.

We can help. And so can you : 

  • Encourage them, even if they had a bad time at school. Education can be a good experience, at any stage of life.
  • Talk about what they want to achieve – a qualification, a new career, recognition, satisfaction – there are lots of reasons to learn.
  • Consider all the options. There are lots of different types of courses – long, short, vocational, academic, online, face-to-face …. And also lots of different universities and colleges to choose from.
  • Contact us – we can support you to explore all these options and help you to find the one that is right for the person you are supporting. And maybe we can find something for you too ?
  • There are usually fees to pay for educational courses and we can help you to find funding, either by student loan or grants.
  • Contact us on info@dwrm.org.uk to start the discussion.