The choice is yours.

Students in prison can select from a varied programme of study at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as Apprenticeship options. Accessible study means that materials will be provided in offline digital formats, made available via the prison intranet system, with additional tutor support offered by telephone, video call and email using the established ‘email a prisoner’ and secure video visits schemes approved by HMPPS.

Accessing further education in prison

We’re here for you.

We provide specialist administrative support to facilitate study, which meets university requirements and ensures compliance with complex HMPPS regulations.

We help you to find the right course, support you with your application to the university of your choice and with finding funding, such as student loans.

We also support you while you are studying, with study skills sessions and other guidance. And when you are released, we have a comprehensive package of support for you.

Our prospectus is now available, ready for study to start in 2023/24, please contact us for a printed copy. And you can apply using this form, which is also available in prison education departments or via this online form to give us your details so that we can contact you.

Feel free to contact us with your enquiries, via our freephone number, email or PO Box.