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Our key target audience is people in prison who are disadvantaged by a lack of Higher Education (HE) provision from UK universities. This means a limited choice of quality education for paying consumers in prison compared to the general population. People are often unable to choose the most suitable course or university for their requirements and tend to be “shoe-horned” into choosing from a limited range of options.

In prisons there is a lack of incentivised options to challenge and change attitudes and beliefs about education. The focus on employability skills is at a very basic level, leading to minimum wage jobs. Those who are capable of achieving more are not catered for and are discouraged from applying by the barriers to study, lack of study support and digital access to study materials. There is potential for people in prison to have much higher employment aspirations, as a result of achieving HE qualifications, which in turn leads to a significant reduction in reoffending rates (Justice Data Lab, 2019).

There is increasing evidence of this, exemplified in this article "When you Learn, You Never Return" from the Progressive Magazine. It states :

In classes, students of all identities and political and social beliefs participated in lively discussions, refusing to let their past bad acts control who they now were: open-minded students willing to learn.

This is what education can do: break down lifelong barriers and open doors for new ways of thinking.